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    Hangzhou Triumpher Heavy Steel Structure Co.,Ltd, the manufacturing base of Triumpher Steel Structure Group, located at Xiaoshan Jiangdong Economic Development Zone. It was completed and put into operation successfully in June 2004, which area is more than 200 acres. Only the single workshop covers more than 60,000 square meters with total investment of 15 million, becoming one of the biggest workshop of steel structure in Xiaoshan, which annually can produce steel structure 200,000 tons and grille color plate 2,000,000 ㎡. There is 600 staff, of which more than 50 professional technicians.

    Since Hangzhou Triumpher Heavy Steel Structure Co.,Ltd was put into production, it is aimed on ' being the leading brand of steel structure in China '. In recent years, Triumpher made great effort to update the hardware and software facilities, bring in the whole set of production equipments which is advanced all over the world, such as box column produce line from Taiwan, secondary machining line from Japan, large plate shears machine and bending machine in China, meanwhile Triumpher pay much attention on the employees' skill training. Hangzhou Triumpher Heavy Steel Structure Co.,Ltd undertook many great projects, for example, the new site of CCTV, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Quanzhou Straits Sport Center Stadium, Changsha Huanghua Airport, Wenzhou Railway Station and the world's largest racecourse- Dubai Racecourse.

    Over the years Hangzhou Triumpher Heavy Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has won a lot of awards, such as Golden Prize of China Steel Construction Society, Golden Prize of Shanghai Metal Structure Association, Golden prize of Zhejiang Province Steel Construction Society and 10 more.

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