Quanzhou Strait Sports Center
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    Name: Quanzhou Strait Sports Center

    Detail:Quanzhou channel Sports Center Gymnasium Building part of reinforced concrete frame structure, roof with steel structure, 4 floors, underground 2 layer, 39500 square meters with a total construction area, level of grade a sport building, accommodate 8523 audience, roof steel structure is by than competition halls, gym two parts composition. The roof structure form for the hyperbolic prestressed string truss. The roof structure of the gymnasium is composed of three parts, a string truss, a roof support shell, and the outer ring truss. The emphasis and difficulty of the whole project is mainly reflected in the prestressed truss section. The training hall roof adopts 8 main truss prestressed truss string, Zhang Xianliang for the isosceles triangle tube truss. Competition hall part of the roof of the main truss for a total of 7 specimens of prestressed truss string structure, maximum span of 94 meters, beam string structure with the isosceles and isosceles triangle tube truss structure. The project is one of the Sixth National Peasant home court hall. 

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