Xi’an Green Land Center locates
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    Name: Xi’an Green Land Center locates

    Detail:Xi’an Green Land Center locates at the central business district of high-tech park area of Xi’an, occupying total building area about 320 thousand sqm, by investment of 3.52 billion CNY, and it will be a super-high rise combined multi-function twin-tower building integrated with grade-A office, luxurious brand flag-ship store, high-end department store and large supermarket. The twin-tower build are both 270 meter high with 243 meter for its main structure, respectively standing at the northeast and northwest of the crossing for Zhangbaer Road and Jingye Road, with interval of about 100 meter. The design height of the building is 57 floor for which is lower 4 floors are top business area opening to attract high- end users; the floors above are for office area equipped with adequate devices and confortable environment. Meanwhile there are 3 underground floors with department store at negative one, a parking lot floor and machine floor. Triumpher undertakes the steel structure part at Building B of the green land center.

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