Zhejiang Music Institute (planning)
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    Name: Zhejiang Music Institute (planning)

    Detail:Zhejiang Music Institute (planning) is located in District of Xiangshan Zhijiang block Westlake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, consists of major construction projects: six secondary institutes like Music institute, Dancing institute, Drama institute,  Arts Engineering institute, Culture Management institute, Humanities institute and Public Education department (Social Science Department), and relevant teaching buildings, library and administrative building, continuing Education (International Education Center), expert building, the Grand Theatre (including a 1150 seats theater and cinema), Hall (750 ), integrated arts building, student housing, dining, sports and arts teacher turnover facilities room, stadium, sunken pattern outdoor 400 m track and field, all kinds of courts, open-air performances Square. Among them, we Triumpher undertake the steel structure part of the 14 independent buildings for the institute.

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