The tidal peak steel structure has signed two projects one after another
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    Recently, triumpher steel construction group has signed with the Wuzhen small town story tourism projects, Huzhou city planning exhibition hall, the Wuzhen small town story project has been the National Tourism Bureau identified as 2017 National Tourism optimization project list.

    The story of a small town in Wuzhen the first phase of the project covers a total area of 312 acres, for the first time in development planning, will create the night stars, the heart of the universe, the world of ice and snow and listen to Shi Xuan high-end treasures four theme resort hotel brand. The triumpher steel construction construction of No. 11, No. 17, No. three building of 19 monomer. All steel truss structure.

    Huzhou city planning exhibition hall project net land area of 15 acres, a total investment of 167 million yuan. The construction content mainly includes the exhibition room, affiliated with room and basement wall steel structure and the three parts of the triumpher steel construction after signing the contract will actively organize personnel entering the construction, is expected to April next year, is expected to complete the curtain wall engineering and steel roof construction, to September, interior decoration and renovation work will be completed. Then a set of communication room, display window, people park as one of the boutique building will be open to the public.

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