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    Good friends:
    Welcome to the Chao Feng Steel Group Co., Ltd.!
    First of all, on behalf of the utmost support to the universal tide peaks Steel Group colleagues and friends in the community over the years and concern to all employees tidal peak Steel Group's development and hard work pay tribute and heartfelt thanks !
    Here, you will learn the history and development of our company lofty goal, to understand our production, sales and service concept, we witnessed the majestic projects, but we welcome your feedback on aspects of management and service comments and suggestions.

    Chao Feng Steel after decades of development, with "create China's first brand boutique Steel" in the fierce market competition, which has become the strongest economic power in the steel industry, the market share of the largest, highest-profile one of the Group companies. The company gradually established throughout the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and foreign sales and service network.

    Ten years later, we will be based on a new starting point, our goal is more lofty - we will attract more talents to develop more high-tech products, to provide a new image of the steel construction; we will continue to temper corporate culture, improve corporate governance, the further development of large-scale production, creating all over the country as well as global marketing network, to the never-ending effort to steel buildings in the most profound of the interpretation.

    Chao Feng Steel site is a window, a bridge, a rich, timely information to users who listen to user comments and suggestions to fulfill tide peak "integrity will create boutique" promise. Faced with the wave of knowledge economy, the influx of people full of pride peak confident the tide will focus on the development of steel peak times people needed new products!
    We sincerely hope: through the network communication platform and bridges, can further deepen your understanding of our to enhance the deep friendship between us, so that we can always to your needs as a starting point, the better for you.

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