Mission and Vision
    Team building
    Social Responsibility
    A team without a clear goal cannot be called a team, like a heap of loose sand.Set a goal for every member, get their identification, regularly notice the goal in the further work for them, encourage them by the goal.
    Communication, a vital method in the teamwork, will be at the all processes achieving the goal, for the determining of the goal, working standard, working fruits, and different opinions upon management. Effective communication will unite the thought of the crew to realize the goal.
    Excellent team is often a study-oriented organization, with good studious phenomenon.The team member will learn from several ways, and they will remind and encourage each other in the learning process. Only a studious team will undertake tasks of more importances, and brighter future will wait ahead of them. The team leader should be the most studious one in the team, and if he cannot be a sample with less effort, the rest will be studying in vain.
    Man is some kind of higher animal who needs motivation, and a motivate
    d staff is welcome for any company. Excellent team will have their staff encouraging each other by many ways, like target incentive and praising. And a flexible application combining with carrot-and-stick mechanism will ensure the success of the whole team, in which necessory punishment and criticise are also another kind of encouragement.
    There is no team is borned an excellent team. They grow up under the leader's management and training. An excellent lead should be good at communication and guidance, integrate both staff career plan and team development goal, reminding the staff now and then, doing a good motivation job, overcome all the difficulties, and then an ideal team is built.
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