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    Team building
    Social Responsibility
    Triumpher's requirements towards the implementation

    1、Clear mind, proper understanding the key problem, conforming to the supervisor's intention and requirements;
    2、Set a challenging goal for oneself, for excellent performance;
    3、After orders, immediate actions with no condition;
    4、Timely hand in the given assignements to the supervisor with quality and quantity, completing all kinds of tasks of one's own post;
    5、Be strongly aware of the milestone, carry ourt every task strictly upon the timetable especially the milestones.
    6、Stick to the goal, until achieved;

    7、Clearly understand the key work and control points, by prior monitoring during stage tracking. Ensure the process proceeding on the right way with quality and punctuality;
    8、Strong prospectiveness, enable to foresee the potential problem and take precaution measures;
    9、Calmly,properly and fast deal with emergencies and accidents;
    10、Tough-minded and indomitable with no quitting, when facing problems;
    11、One with vigorous stimina and stable emotion can undertake huge working strength and pressure.
    Here are the 48 charactors of China's popular executtion norms recommended by many entrepreneurs and management scholars as follows:
    Be serious first, then be smart;
    Make decision first, then face the result;
    Be speedy first, then be perfect;
    Be fruitfull, then come excueses;
    Put results first place, then be a hero;
    Lock the goal first,achieve by focusing and repeating.

    What is implementation
    Implementation is: on the result, bad score is better than no score.
    Implementation is: causual relationship, only good results paid is a good man.
    Implementation is: only actions and results can speak.
    Implementation is: on promise and oriented by the results, never give up.
    Implementation is: selected.

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