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    Triumpher strives to develop and create any possible ways that not only improve the Triumpher manufacturer's operations and bottom line, but improve our environmental footprint and offer our clients and customers the best benefits as well.
    The "lingang" initiative includes the following six categories:

    In 2008, global CO2 emissions per capita hit a record high of 1.3 tonnes. In the same year, total CO2 emissions were up 41% from year 1990. As a member of the global village, what can we do to help save the environment?

    Dedicated to Green Solutions for an all-new low-carbon lifestyle and the building of an environmentally friendly low-carbon society, Triumpher Corp. made a declaration of carbon footprint reduction this year, aiming at a 30% decrease in its carbon footprint level in 2009 by 2012. What are carbon footprints?
    Carbon footprints, in the form of carbon dioxide, are generated when individuals, households or companies are involved in daily activities and manufacturing of products. Accordingly, a product's carbon footprint refers to the total amount of carbon dioxide emission during its life cycle, including the stages of raw material, product manufacturing (or service provision), distribution, consumer use, and disposal & recycling. With the help of the carbon footprint indicator, consumers will have an even better knowledge of the possible environmental impact of the electronic products they use.

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