Performance advantage
    System structure
    Steel frame supporting
    Lateral force system
    Deck systems
    Interior wall system
    Exterior wall system
    Steel frame core tube system
    Steel frame core tube system on the plane and the adaptability of the building facade is strong with lateral stiffness.
    In elevator room or proper position, it is conducive to building fire, but also a good crowd walk reduce the impact of noise on residents of the elevator, effectively reducing the amount of steel.
    Fabricated steel structure housing system by setting the steel columns, steel beams in the core barrel, the steel frame mounted on concrete tube construction, greatly accelerate the speed of construction and steel columns, steel beams Reinforced concrete shearing wall type with a concrete wall, greatly improve the ductility of reinforced concrete shear wall, improve the seismic performance of buildings.
    Steel frame supporting system
    Steel frame supporting system is a high efficient dual stiffen system, profoundly improve the steel frame lateral stiffen and seismic performance. By steel supports effectively connecting to the column frame against the lateral forces, the structure can perform good seismic performance with rapid construction speed and systematic adaptation.
    Structural features of the steel plate shear wall
    Since the steel structure itself is light, it can reduce part of the seismic effect with cutting the basic cost.
    The height-thickness ratio of the steel wall is usually from 100 to 500, with plate thickness ranging from 8mm to 40mm. According to some research, when the horizontal stiffness is the same, the steel consumption is less than that of the pure steel solution; the steel plate wall itself only undertakes the horizontal forces while the vertical forces are on the surrounding frame columns. The steel plate wall structure is completely conforming to the first round of seismic requirement with low axial pressure ratio, which is an ideal anti-lateral member.
    The steel shear walls (both thin plate and thick plate) can undertake the loads after its failure, and not only the frame structure with good ductility, but also by the development of the steel itself plastic damping energy dissipation. Steel plate shear wall structure can ideally meet three standards of earthquake, the second stage of the design requirements;
    Steel plate shear wall settings can be alleviated ductility of beam column joint area requirements;
    Steel wall only lateral force on the wall fire resistance requirements lower than the corresponding frame structure, fireproof and anti-fire treatment of steel frame structures can be applied to steel wall structure.
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