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    Philosophy is the guiding ideology of enterprise development strategies. It is the core values of the specific, realistic and operationalization. It answers the most important business activities, the most basic questions, like sea beacon to guide the direction of the business forward. The company will focus on continuing to meet growing customer demand, committed to working with partners, sincere cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, and strive to create a world-class heavy industries, together won more brilliant future.
    Sales Network
    Chao Feng Steel based on the local, internationally oriented. Companies with their own advantages and strength, while the occupation of the domestic market place, and strive to explore the international market, and actively with the international. Business coverage throughout the country and expand to Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and other world-renowned enterprises to cooperate with the project, and further explore the international market, a strong international marketing network.
    Service philosophy

    Concept of customer service policy
    ★ Customer  mission: "Solve problems for customers and help customers succeeding"
    ★ Customer  concept "Beyond the expectation of the customers"
    ★ Customer  values "Satisfy customers' demands and win the customer loyalty"
    ★ Customer  slogan "Move the customers with specialty and sincerity"
    ★ Quality principle Total involvement, detail-oriented, continuous improve, customer satisfaction
    ★ Total involvementThe quality is the foundation for the respect and dignity, and the quality improve requires the active participation of each employee;

    ★ Detail-oriented Attention to details is a strict work attitude and the guaranty of high-quality;
    ★ Continuous improvementFollow the highest quality standard in the industry and continuously improve the management, procedures, products and service of the company;
    ★ Customer satisfaction The product quality is as important as the service quality, and the customer satisfaction is the final criterion of the quality.

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