“Pop Goes the Culture”

VanWestFilm Productions is currently in pre-production for “Pop Goes the Culture,” a new feature-length documentary film from director Kevin Fratpietro. Production is tentatively set to begin in late September.

“Fighting Average”

VanWestFilm Productions has entered into an agreement with R Squared Films to distribute “Fighting Average.” Stay tuned for further details on the future availability of the film.

Jacek Numenski Headed Eastwards

Recently, Jacek has left the company to pursue other opportunities in Toronto. We are sure to hear good things from him in the future. Good Luck Jacek!

“One Body to Love”

“One Body to Love” has been honoured with an “Award of Merit” from The Indie Fest Film Awards Competition in the category of Educational/Industrial/Training films.

“Fighting Average”

“Fighting Average” is an Official Selection of the 8th Annual “Action On film International Film Festival” which runs from Aug. 17-25 in Monrovia, California. It is due to screen on Aug. 23 at 2:00 pm at the Krikorian Premiere Theate. The film has also been nominated in the category of “Best Director – Documentary.”

“Wrestling With Attitude”

The film is a look at the evolution of the sport of Women’s Wrestling in Canada and focuses on two of Canada’s best female wrestlers as they vie for spots on the 2012 Canadian Olympic Team. It is the first in a series of regional Summer specials on CBC entitled “Absolutely Vancouver” and will air throughout BC and the Yukon…so tune in!!!

“Fighting Average”

“Fighting Average” is finally complete and ready to go! We’re currently in the process of submitting to several North American Film Festivals and are awaiting notification of acceptance for screening. We’re also pitching the film as an acquisition to various broadcasters. Check back for further information on the status of the film!

“Fatlip TV”

The Pilot episode of “FatLip TV” looks to be ready for “the Pitch.” If this proposed webseries if given the green light, “Fatlip TV” will provide viewers with regular insight into the local Vancouver MMA scene. Check back soon for more information!

“One Body to Love” Update

The short documentary “One Body to Love” is now complete and ready for distribution! Stay tuned for more information regarding availability for this film.

“One Body to Love” Update

The fine cut of “One Body to Love” is almost done – picture’s locked and colour correction’s done. All that’s left is the sound edit!!! Running time looks to come in at around 29 minutes…Not bad for our first complete documentary as a production company!

“Fighting Average” Interview

Global TV News is airing a short interview with Trevor Dueck, the subject of the “Fighting Average” documentary, about his venture into the MMA cage. Some of the footage from “Fighting Average” will used in the story. It will air several times over the next few days beginning with today’s 6:00 evening News.

“One Body to Love” Update

Onto the “Fine Cut”! The rough cut of “One Body to Love” is complete and now it’s time for fine-tuning! There’s still a lot of work remaining but the documentary is taking shape nicely!

“Fighting Average” Update

It’s a wrap! Filming on “Fighting Average” concluded last night with “Battlefield Fight League 6” held at the Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver. Now it’s on to post-production with an anticipated release date sometime late this Summer or early Fall. Further updates to come…

“Fighting Average” Update

With only three anticipated shooting days remaining, filming is officially winding down on the “Fighting Average” documentary. The final fight date is March 12 at the Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver and this will culminate almost eight months of filming begun last August 2010. Please visit us again for further updates…

“Fatlip TV”

VanWestFilm spent the evening filming at a downtown Vancouver Martial Arts gym. The footage is to be used by the CKNW “Fatlip Radio” gang as a pilot for a proposed webisode series on the local Vancouver MMA scene. If given the green light “Fatlip Radio” will morph into “Fatlip TV”! Stay tuned for further information…

“Fighting Average” MMA Documentary Update

We recently filmed at the Richmond Submission Tournament. This is an annual local competition run by West Coast BJJ in order to provide competitive opportunities for up-and-coming MMA, grappling and Jui Jitsu athletes. Footage of several of the matches as well as a number of interviews will be included in the documentary “Fighting Average”.

“One Body to Love” Update

Filming on this documentary has been completed and we are now into the post-production stage. We have almost completed the “rough cut” and estimate completion sometime in early Spring.

“RAW Edge”

Filming for this weekly internet talkshow has already begun “RAW Edge TV” is a weekly internet talkshow which will be streamed on the internet and will focus on Amateur Wrestling in Canada. VanWestFilm has been contracted to produce and film this weekly event. Videos will be posted weekly on the Raw Acadamy website at: and at the VanWestFilm website on our media page: as well as on a dedicated “RAW Edge TV” website TBA.

MMA Project Update

Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews highlighted filming of “Battlefield at the River Rock,” a locally promoted amateur MMA event which took place at Richmond’s River Rock Casino on Saturday, August 21. The sell-out crowd included well-known celebrity Steven Seagal.

Project Update

Preliminary filming began on Sunday, August 8, for our “untitled” MMA documentary, as we now move from the pre-production phase into full production. This project has a planned five to six month shooting schedule that should wrap up early in the new year.

Filming Update

Principal photography for the new documentary “One Body to Love” began on Wednesday, July 28 in Vancouver. Shooting will continue next week and is scheduled to be completed in September.